What is Moon Castles?

MoonCastles is a magical place where creativity and imagination meet!  We started by offering after school programs for children ages 5+ using art project based curriculum. We teach to reuse & recycle, foster friendships & local connections while giving participants a place to relax and learn.  MoonCastles classes provides children a place to enjoy a quality experience learning new skills and thinking outside of the box!

Where are we located?

We are located in Kailua, an artistic beach town on the island of Oahu. MoonCastles is a home based business brought to local establishments and Elementary Schools as homeschool or after school programs. 

How we came about…

It’s no small task being a MOM!  As a mom of three kids close in age, all of my energy goes to my family.  Our travel experiences and my girls’ different developmental stages have created a curious state of existence and an eclectic, artistic lifestyle.  

MoonCastles creativity classes are like Home Economics classes on…well…caffeine! 

While I support my husband and move around for his career,  I live as a professional tourist and work for my family making sure life is the way we need it to be.  Finding a break in the clouds between shooting for the moon and building sandcastles, MoonCastles was born.  A place that I hope is wild with imagination! Where fish stories come alive and happiness comes to gather. 

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Shoot for the moon!  See you soon!